Thursday, August 31, 2017

New Look website greets new school year at SD52

With the final testing complete and content loaded up for the year ahead, School District 52 has launched its updated website, providing a fresh look to the delivery of information for students, parents, teachers and administrators of the city's public school system.

We first made note of the District's plans for a makeover of their website back in March, as the information department of SD52 started to test out their concepts and designs.

The new online portal was launched earlier this month, just as the 2017-18 school year is about to get underway.  The new portal for education offers a more streamlined visual presentation that the previous one and while much of the information is familiar from the old website, the access to it is less confusing and cluttered than in the past, with clearly defined categories for those seeking out more details on the School District.

From the Home Page you can scroll across six initial links that will then offer up a range of material for your review/

Those six categories include About, Parents, Programs, Schools, Staff and Students

The About category provides an overview on School District functions, Board correspondences and  documentation.

The Parents category lists catchment areas, cross boundary applications, Links and Resources and School supply lists.

In Programs, parents can get more background on Aboriginal Learning initiatives, as well as more information related to Early Learning, English Language Development, French Immersion and the District's Learning Services.

The Schools page, provides links to all of the Districts schools, as well as an explanation of the policies related to school facility rentals and details on School Plans for all facilities in the District.

The Staff page on the website delivers a range of information for teachers and support workers employed by SD52.

The Students Page provides a link to what is called the Digital Classroom, with access to individual pages designed for each of the District's Schools.

The digital classroom is one feature of the new
SD52 website that students will find both educational
and entertaining

Two areas for parents to book mark from the new Site are the News and Media Releases links which will provide North Coast residents with the latest updates on SD52 notes.

Among the first of the new items to be added to the flow of information from SD52 are some Back to School notes related to the District's elementary, middle and secondary schools.

An item of interest for Parents for the upcoming school year is an update related to School supplies for the year. For the 2017-18 school year parents are not required to purchase supplies for students at the elementary level this year.

Middle School students still have a supply list to be purchased, but it is a reduced list for the year ahead.

There is no change to the Secondary School supply requirements from last year.

More on the school supply notification can be found here.

You can begin your exploration of the new site and all that SD52 has to offer from the home page here.

As the new school year approaches, the BC Government has also offered up some background information related to curriculum, educational savings and student initiatives, you can review the notes from the province here.

For more items related to education in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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