Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cow Bay port call for luxury yacht Cloudbreak

The arrival of the Cloudbreak is making for a bit of buzz 
on the Prince Rupert waterfront

Prince Rupert residents are getting a glimpse of the lifestyles of the Rich but not quite ready to be famous this week, as a rather impressive luxury yacht pulled up to the Cow Bay marina.

Tying up along one of the outside berths in the Prince Rupert harbour, the Cloudbreak is attracting more than a few curious Rupertites who have been spotted strolling along the Atlin Termnial walkway to get a closer look at the vessel.

At 72.5 metres, the Cloudbreak is officially the largest  pleasure craft to make a port call at Prince Rupert's new Marina facility in Cow Bay.

The vessel which has a sleek and unusual design, also hosts a helicopter for the transit of the owner (still a mystery), crew and guests.

Built in 2016 by the naval architect firm Abeking and Rasmussen, the award winning Cloudbreak is one of  a number of super luxury yachts that the firm has built over the years.

To give you some idea as to the size of the vessel, at its 72.5 metres it is larger than some of the Royal Canadian Navy Patrol vessels that call on Prince Rupert, and would also dwarf many of the Coast Guard vessels that patrol the North Coast.

Some of the vessels of the Canadian Coast Guard host a smaller
profile than the luxury yacht Cloudbreak currently berthed
at Cow Bay Marina

A video presentation posted to the YouTube offers up a glimpse as to what luxury yachting offers those that wish to spend some carefree days cruising the world's oceans.

Rupertites have but one more day to keep their eyes on the dock to see who may be making Prince Rupert their departure point for their next adventure, the Cloudbreak is expected to cast its lines and sail off sometime on Friday.

Once she bids farewell to the North Coast, you can follow the Cloudbreak through the Marine Traffic website, which tracks marine traffic world wide.

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