Wednesday, August 9, 2017

City opens Bid process for electrical work on Landfill project

The City of Prince Rupert
has opened the bid process
for electrical work related to
their landfill expansion work

Another element of the city's expansion of the Ridley Island landfill site is now underway, as the City of Prince Rupert invites bids for providing construction services related to the electrical requirements for the new

A bid package posted to the province's BC Bid website provides the details for the project, which will include site preparation, excavation, drilling, blasting, concrete and earth work.

As well, the project will require the installation of electrical transformer with auxiliary equipment, electric kiosk and infrastructure, as well as trenches, conduits and cables.

The final day for submissions for the bid process is Friday August 25th.

The timeline for the work would see the City award the contract on August 30th, with work expected to be underway on Monday, September 4th.

Substantial performance on the project is expected to be achieved by March 20th of 2018, with total performance required on or before April 20th.

You can review the full bid package from the BC Bid Website.

Earlier this summer, the city issued notice of the first bid related to the project, seeking a request for Bids for the Leachate Lagoon Construction project.

Much of the funding from past landfill work has been accessed through grant funding at federal and provincial levels.

The path towards landfill expansion first began back in 2014 when the Council of the day examined the need and put in motion the planning for required work at the Ridley Island site.

Some of the background to the project can be found below:

May 2017 -- City's Financial Statements meet with approval from auditors
March 2017 -- Familiar themes and a mill rate increase mark Budget Presentation to Council
December 2016 -- Capital projects for 2017 outlined for City Council
May 2016 -- City's Financial Officer delivers findings from 2015 Audited Financial Statement
November 2015 -- City updates infrastructure projects for November
June 2015 -- Council looks to award contract for Landfill expansion project this evening
February 2015 -- Council moves forward with Grant Applications, placing Water supply as highest priority
April 2014 -- Council hears of landfill expansion requirements
January 10 2014 -- Garbage and what to do about it, of interest to Prince Rupert Council

More notes related to the city's infrastructure planning can be found on our archive page.

Further background on City Council discussions can be reviewed from our Council archive page.

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