Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Metlakatla DNA Project looks for more participants

An ongoing research project exploring the DNA of members of the Metlakatla First Nation is continuing on with their work, with researchers hosting an information session today to provide an update on their work and to seek additional participants as they move forward with their project.

The study which features a partnership with the University of Illinois-Champaign is set to explore the diets of current members of Metlakatla and compare today's findings with those of their ancient ancestors.

The Researchers are looking to learn how diet and oral microbiome have changed over time, with a community presentation to come later to review their findings.

As part of the current study, members from Metlakatla will be required to keep a three day food journal, collect dental plaque samples, as well as hair samples and complete a survey on daily diet and health history.

Two meetings require the attendance of participants today August 9th and a follow up one on the 23rd of August.

The first of the Metlakatla meetings took place at the Band office this morning, with a Prince Rupert session set for 7 PM this evening at the Coastal Training Centre on Sixth Avenue East in Prince Rupert

More background on the latest study project can be reviewed here.

The first findings from the DNA study were published in the Scientific Journal in November.

You can learn more about the larger Metlakatla study from our item of November 2016.

More notes related to items of interest from Metlakatla can be found on our archive page.

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