Friday, August 11, 2017

Port announces plans for upgrades to Westview Terminal

The Port has announced plans for upgrades to infrastructure
related to the Westview Terminal, with work to continue
through until the end of September
(photo of terminal from Pinnacle Pellet handbook)

Residents of the west side of the city may notice a bit more activity below their homes over the Westview Terminal location through the course of the next 45 days, with the Port of Prince Rupert announcing planned upgrades to the Terminal through the rest of the summer.

The Westview Terminal is home to the Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group's shipment facility on the city's waterfront.

In a post to their Facebook page yesterday the port outlined scope of the work ahead, which will involve excavation, blasting, backfilling and installation of a new water main, as well as the construction of a new shed to house the backflow preventer and water meter.

The work will take place during regular work hours and the Port notes their plan is to have minimal disruption to the area, with noise and dust management procedures in place.

The Port anticipates that the project timeline will see completion in place by the end of this September.

Residents with any questions or comments are asked to contact the Port's Community Information line at 250-627-5621 or through their email address of

More background on the Westview Terminal can be found on our archive page.

For further notes related to the Prince Rupert Port Authority can be reviewed here.

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