Friday, August 11, 2017

City looks to sell east side property

Piggot Avenue is the location for the City of Prince Rupert's latest
property disposition sale
Map courtesy Google Maps)

The City of Prince Rupert is taking on the role of real estate agent this month, putting in motion the process to sell off an east side lot and structure.

Over the last two weeks, the City has taken out a public notice in the weekly paper listing 1329 Piggot Avenue as a property up for disposition, with the sealed envelope opening offers to start at 95,000 dollars, which is based on the 2016 BC Assessment.

The war time era home was built in 1942 with BC Assessment putting the valued of the land listed at $28,300 and the building valuation pegged at $67,000.

The city of Prince Rupert
is looking to dispose of 
a building and lot
on the city's east side
(photo from Google maps)
The City will be hosting an Open House for those wishing to inspect the property, that viewing is set for August 18th from 1 to 4 PM and it is the only public viewing planned as part of the City's property disposition.

Any offers or enquiries related to the property can be addressed to Rory Mandryk, the City's Corporate Administrator, he can be reached at or by fax at 250-627-0999.

Deadline for offers is listed as 4 PM on August 25th.

You can look up the lot through the city's online mapping portal here, enter the PID number of 012544311 to review the details.

BC Assessment information related to the property can be examined here.

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