Tuesday, August 22, 2017

North Coast Liberal appointed to party's rules committee for leadership planning

A well known member of the Liberal party on the North Coast is taking on some additional duties for the party as they prepare to seek out a replacement for the now departed leader Christy Clark.

Following a Sunday meeting of party officials, Prince Rupert's Don Silversides, vice-president of the Party executive was appointed to the rules committee, part of a four member group who will develop the rules and procedures which will be put in place as the Liberals look to select their next leader.

“The process of electing a new leader is a historic opportunity to strengthen, renew, and energize our party,  ...  The framework established by the executive this weekend paves the way for an exciting race that will grow our membership and deepen our connections in every community and region throughout British Columbia.” -- BC Liberal Party President Sharon White on the work ahead for the rules committee and the Liberal leadership search.

Joining Silversides on the committee will be Ms. White, membership Chair Luke Strimbold of Burns Lake, and constitutional advisor Frank B. Carson, Q.C. of Victoria.

First word of the formation of the rules committee came through the party's twitter feed on Monday.

The Liberals have not set a timetable as of yet as to when they will begin the leadership process and where a Leadership convention will be held.

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