Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Election Revenue/Expenses numbers released for North Coast campaign

When North Coast Residents went to the polls in May, the short economic burst of the BC election campaign came to an end for the region and with it the rush for fundraising and campaign spending.

Documentation released yesterday by Elections BC, provides the financial road map of sorts that was leading the three North Coast hopefuls towards the Legislature in Victoria.

The Statement of Election Income and Expenses for the three North Coast candidates provides a glimpse as to how the NDP, Liberals and Green party financed the quest for the seat in the Legislature, with British Columbia's two major parties making for the largest portion of the accounting numbers from the May campaign.

Jennifer Rice, the eventual winner of the seat in the BC Legislature and returning MLA posted a total income of $48,229.56 as of General Voting Day as a result of campaign donations and fundraising, with Expenses listed at $51,662.68.

Beyond the individual donations, the majority of the NDP funding came through transfers with $55,000 directed towards the North Coast efforts.

Of the expenses the largest amount was directed towards salaries and benefits ($11,000), Newsletters or promotional material ($8,000) and Travel ($4014.25).

Runner up Herb Pond, who sought the seat in the Legislature under the Liberal banner had the largest amounts both in political donations and expenses in the 2017 campaign.

His campaign claimed income by way of fundraising and donations to a total of $105,146.53, with expenses of $80,703.33 to election day, leaving $24,443.20 unspent.

The documents filed indicate that the BC Liberals put some significant money towards trying to unseat Ms. Rice the incumbent MLA, having transferred $103,246,53 towards Mr. Pond's campaign through to election day.

Of the expenses through April and May, media advertising claimed the largest chunk at $36,631, followed by newsletter and promotional material at $10,000 plus and office expenses at $4200 plus.

The Green Party's Hondo Arendt ran the most parsimonious campaign and one that was for the most part self funded, a total of 445 dollars is listed, with an additional contribution of 50 dollars declared to round out the statement declaration.

The only significant expense listed as part of the summary of expenses, 495 dollars worth of newsletter and promotional material.

There were no transfers recorded from the BC Greens towards the local campaign.

In the end, as the votes were counted, it would seem that Ms. Rice received the best return on investment for the 2017 campaign, claiming the North Coast seat by a significant margin over Mr. Pond.

The Green party's Hondo Arendt was the third place finisher on the North Coast.

2017 Final Results from Elections BC

Jennifer Rice -- 5,243
Herb Pond -- 3,079
Hondo Arendt -- 826

The full summary disclosures for each candidate from the 2017 North Coast campaign can be examined in detail from the links below:

Jennifer Rice -- NDP
Herb Pond -- BC Liberals
Hondo Arendt -- BC Green Party

More background on the North Coast's representation at the Legislature can be found on our Legislature Archive page.

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