Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summer of changing personnel for weekly paper continues

More change at the weekly paper
For regular readers of the Northern View, the go to page these days isn't the front page, but rather one somewhat more towards the middle of the print copy of the weekly delivery, with readers perhaps now gravitating towards the spot where the listings of the current roster of journalists can be found.

Change is once again in motion at the North Coast's weekly newspaper, with recently arrived reporter Joseph Jack, now apparently a recently departed reporter.

The only indication that he has taken his leave of the paper coming with the removal of his picture on the page six roster listings.

Mr. Jack was here for what became a fairly short stay, making his introductions in June, and while his bylines perhaps were not plenty in the two months and a bit that he chased down news leads, he did get some taste of local fame.

As part of his duties with the local media outlet he sat in as the co host for the paper's weekly online podcast, a recently re-branded project that has departed the car showroom at MacCarthy GM and now is recorded in the spacious office setting at Hecate Strait Business Development and other outdoor locations near Mariner's Park.

Mr. Jack played the role of faithful sidekick to host Tyler Portelance, as the pair provided for the paper's version of reading time accounts of the stories from the print edition and focused on local events during four instalments of the online feature through July.

Joseph Jacks (top right) one of two new reporters at the Northern View
has left his post at the weekly paper

(photo from Northern View Instagram feed)

Regular readers will however take note of a familiar face and name returning to the paper, as Quinn Bender settles into the rotation at the weekly, he has been a regular addition at the Northern View during summer months over the last few years.

A look back the paper's summer of change and more notes related to the region's media scene can be found on our archive page here.

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