Thursday, March 22, 2018

Brief power outage affects areas on east side of Prince Rupert

Morning coffee brewing came to a standstill and Televisions went dark for about a twenty minute period on Thursday morning, as a power interruption affected areas on the east side of Prince Rupert.

The outage will leave those that were away from their homes for the morning, with the task of checking their electronic devices when they get home, to ensure that all is in working order following the morning outage.

The power interruptions came in two waves, the first at 8:39 with power returned by 9AM, the second a shorter black out, with power going out at 9:19 AM with the lights coming back by 9:22 AM

The BC Hydro website notes that the areas were impacted by the incident were located North of Mount Hays and South of 2nd Avenue. 

In their advisory of this morning Vandalism was listed as one of the causes for the early morning power problems. No details related to that cause were provided as part of the BC hydro report.

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Update: BC Hydro has since clarified their original notes on the power outage of this morning, noting that the problem was related to equipment failure and not vandalism.

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