Saturday, March 17, 2018

MP Nathan Cullen joins the debate over DFO plans for summer fishing season

Skeena Bulkley Valley MP
Nathan Cullen is raising a number
of concerns over DFO's handling
of fishery issues in the Northwest
The prospect of a closed season for some stocks on the Skeena and Nass rivers for this summer has given Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen cause to take up the issue with the Minister of Fisheries Dominic LeBlanc while calling for peace in the Northwest as the concerns over a potential shutdown echo around the Northwest.

Mr. Cullen did a long distance tour of the local media groups on Friday, calling in to share a string of themes, that come following a report from the Department of Fisheries that outlined the early returns for the Skeena and Nass Rivers.

DFO offered up its review of the current state of the stocks for both rivers earlier this week and noted that the Department would be viewing the data  to come and consulting with stakeholders as it determines what the 2018 Fishing season might look like.

For the Terrace Standard, the early notes included concerns over an inability to get the Fisheries Minister to discuss the issue with the MP and a call for better leadership.

Cullen demands better leadership over salmon crisis

In his own hometown of Smithers, Mr. Cullen provided some talking points for My Bulkley Lakes Now, stating that the Federal Department of fisheries needs to reconsider its plans to close certain facilities in the region.

We need to protect our Wild coast salmon: MP

When speaking with CFNR Radio, the MP stressed a call for unity and explored some of his discussions with all stakeholders in the fishery.

Cullen calls for unity as the Northwest faces potentially bleak salmon season

Much the same message was delivered to CFTK TV, where Mr. Cullen expressed the need to work together to meet the challenges ahead this year.

Cullen on the fishery
Cullen calls for unity in facing difficult salmon season

The news related to the prospects for the 2018 fishing is the latest blow for a beleaguered industry, over the last two weeks, the commercial fishing industry has been the subject of significant attention from both North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice and Prince Rupert City Council.

With topics of note raised in the legislature and a move by Prince Rupert Council to write a letter to Fisheries Minister Dominic Leblanc, seeking equal treatment for the North Coast fishing industry as that which is delivered for the Atlantic industry.

You can review all our notes related to the Fishery on the North Coast and Southeast Alaska from our archive page here.

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