Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quest is on for nominations for Top Family Doctor with Northern Health region and other Health Authorities in BC

Northern Health is helping to spread the word of an awareness campaign to highlight the work of Medical practitioners in British Columbia, with a gentle nudge that the deadline for nominations for the My Family Doctor Award is fast approaching.

The "My Family Doctor" Award is designed to honour and celebrate the Doctor-Patient relationship and towards that goal, the BC College of Physicians plans to salute family doctors from all five health authorities across the province.

You can find out more about the nomination process here.

The nomination form, which provides for contributions to the My Family Doctor program is available here.

The deadline for Nominations is set for March 31st.

Northern Health has been making use of their Facebook page to help deliver the word and build interest in the project.

However the health provider for the North is also finding that with promotion comes feedback and the topic of Family Doctor's is making for another theme that the Health Authority will want to address.

In response to the My Family Doctor campaign, some residents have noted that for many in the region the ability to find a Family Doctor has become a challenging task, with many existing doctors in communities across the region no longer accepting patients.

Northern Health officials keeping a watchful eye on their social media stream, have suggested that those in need of a health professional should contact them by Personal Message through the Facebook page for some assistance in that quest.

You may also be able to find some help through the contact form from the Northern Health website

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