Friday, March 30, 2018

Recent tour with John Horgan highlights expanded role for Nathan Cullen with Federal NDP

Nathan Cullen and John Horgan at Prince Rupert City Hall on Monday
(Photo -MLA Rices' social media stream)

Premier John Horgan and Nathan Cullen wandered along the byways of the Northwest this week, making like Hope and Crosby on one of those old road movies  (which would make Jennifer Rice Dorothy Lamar we guess?), with stops in at municipal buildings, industrial sites and college campuses, along with local watering holes all part of the trek through the region.

The Federal NDP MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley noted this week that his rendezvous with Mr. Horgan was part of his expanded role with the NDP in Ottawa, with Mr. Cullen serving as the party's British Columbia liaison.

The trip to Prince Rupert, Terrace and Kitimat put a focus on resource and rural issues, with the Skeena Bulkley-Valley MP,  Premier Horgan and MLA Jennifer Rice meeting with Prince Rupert Council members at one of their stops in the city.

The three levels of government under on roof
(From Mayor Lee Brain's Social media stream)

Mayor Brain would also travel to Kitimat on Tuesday, to take in the Premier's meetings with the Northwest British Columbia Resource Benefits Alliance.

And while the Mayor, took advantage of his Facebook page to provide for another review of what the RBA is all about, other than a note that talks will continue, no indication as to whether that group is any closer to reaching an agreement with the province on their question was provided from their session with Mr. Horgan.

Regional leaders with Premier John Horgan for discussions on the
Northwest Resource  Benefits Alliance

(From Mayor Lee Brain's Social media stream)

Prior to their Northwest travels, Mr. Cullen issued a statement that noted some of themes that he and Premier share when it comes to the region.

“I’ve met with John and his cabinet several times since being appointed the federal NDP’s BC Liaison in January. This is my first opportunity to personally accompany John out of Victoria and I’m happy to visit towns in Skeena-Bulkley Valley,” 

 “John really understands the need to balance jobs and resource development with protecting BC’s increasingly fragile natural environment ... Prior to becoming Premier, John spent years working on natural resource and rural issues that put him in touch with development and environment issues happening today here in the Northwest and across BC.”

A look at how Mr. Cullen sees his role as the bridge between the Province and the Federal NDP can be found here.

Beyond the stop in at City Hall, the travelling party hosted a number of meetings with members of the community and mixed the workload with some social activities as well.

Social events in Prince Rupert and Terrace also were part of the trip
through the Northwest this week -- Above from a stop at the Wheelhouse Brewing Co.

(Photo from MLA Rice's Social Media Stream)

Every good road trip needs some snapshots and North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice has chronicled some of the events from the Prince Rupert segment  by way of her Facebook portal.

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