Monday, March 26, 2018

Ecotrust Canada to provide update to City Council on range of community plans

Monday night's Prince Rupert City Council session will be the venue for an update on the progress for a number of initiatives from Ectorust Canada, with the Capital Mall based community organization sending a pair of representatives to the Council session this evening.

As part of tonight's Regular Session, Devlin Fernandes and Nathan Randall will be providing a short update for Council on some upcoming plans for the community that the organization is looking to coordinate through their office.

Among some of the initiatives is the development of the North Coast Innovation Lab, which is the area of note that Mr, Randall is moving forward with, set to explore new ways to create sustainable development in the community.

Last week Ecotrust received some significant financing towards that project with the announcement of a Rural Dividend Grant for 100,000 dollars from the Provincial Government.

One item that will most likely come up for discussion, is a project that City Councillor Barry Cunningham has been looking to see introduced in the community for a number of years now, with one of the proposals that the Innovation Lab is exploring focused on the potential for a Fish Market type of experience for the Cow Bay Dock at the Atlin Terminal.

As we outlined on the blog earlier this month, that project is currently under study by Ecotrust, which has been working and consulting with a range of community members over the last few months.

The group is also making use of some of the past work of the Redesign Rupert initiative of a few years back.

Those themes and other elements of the plans for Ecotrust's work in the community will be explored further tonight, while Council members will also have opportunity to ask questions or offer up commentary to the two representatives.

You can examine more of the work of Ecotrust and their plans for sustainable initiatives in the community from our archive page here.

A look at the remainder of tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session is available from our Preview page here, while more background on past Council Discussion topics can be found on Council Discussion Page.

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