Friday, March 23, 2018

DFO's Chopped Cherry Blossom trees catch attention in Prince Rupert

Ye shall blossom no more! The stand of cherry blossom trees along
the west side of the DFO building are down to their tree trunks.
That after quick quick work by contractors today

Your neighbours go and do a little renovation work around the yard and don't tell you that there might be a bit of noise and a bit of a mess (and with it perhaps a percolating controversy), that seems to be the fate for City Hall today.

What appears to be the planned removal of a row of cherry blossom trees along the west side of the DFO property between 2nd and 3rd Avenues has made for a bit of a controversy today, with the City of Prince Rupert making it clear that the work is not their doing.

Early Friday morning, work crews began the extreme pruning work along the sidewalk area, making quick work of the trees that have been a focal point for many in the downtown area for years.

Such has been the reaction from the public that Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain issued a mid morning update to stress that the work was not being done by the City, but rather was the decision of the Federal Government, adding that the City is seeking further information on the tree removal project.

Something that one would have thought that DFO might have shared with their neighbours, what with City Hall located directly behind the Federal building on Second Ave West.

Despite a shared alleyway and close proximity to each other,
the City of Prince Rupert appears to have been caught by surprise
from today's extreme pruning session by the Federal Government

Judging by some of the commentary that is found below the Mayor's Facebook page, the decision by the Federal Government to remove the trees is not going to be a welcome one in the community.

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  1. The mayor posted the facts for this story, you should report it?

  2. Patience grasshopper, though the term "Facts" is a little of an over reach, since so far it's only one side of the story.

    As we don't have the "facts" from the Federal Public Service Procurement Service, we really don't know the full story now do we ...

    Still hang in there, you will find a follow up to the article above, on Tuesday, and we shall await your return contribution.