Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Port of Prince Rupert launches Export Development Fund to explore new opportunities through the Northwest corridor

Providing for opportunities for industries in the Northwest
to make use of Prince Rupert's gateway to the world
is part of a new initiative at the Port of Prince Rupert

(photo from PRPA)

The Port of Prince Rupert is looking to expand the trade opportunities between the Northwest and Asia by putting 250,000 dollars into the Export Development Fund, a program designed to assist eligible organizations in developing, or expanding industries that could make use of Port facilities at Prince Rupert.

The fund is also directed towards those export industries that are not currently using the Port of Prince Rupert to get their products to global markets.

The new funding program which was launched today, looks to accelerate and identify export opportunities that will strengthen the economic vitality of communities across the Northwest trade corridor.

Ken Veldman, the Director of Public Affairs for the Port of Prince Rupert outlined how the the program will help to support regional export options.

“Export-oriented industries have a disproportionately large impact on our local economies, and are critical to achieving economic growth and expansion,”  ... “By focusing on regional export ‘clusters’, and their need for competitive, reliable access to the markets that provide the most value, we hope to support a practical approach to growing our collective export trade portfolio.”

As the planning for the funding program moves forward, the Port will be introducing a formal application process within the next few weeks,  you can more information related to the funding program here.

Those with an interest in the program can also contact the Port by way of email at edf@rupertport.com

The Port of Prince Rupert is sharing word of their latest
initiative through a range of social media options, providing
background on the new Export Development Fund introduced today

The Port of Prince Rupert has become the host for one of the most efficient supply chains between North America and the fast growing economies of the Asian markets, hosting import/export facilities that saw over 35 billion dollars in trade taking place each year.

The opportunity to bring even more focus to the industrial strength of the Northwest to those Asian markets is one area where the Prince Rupert Port Authority will be able to provide for an advantage to the region, raising the presence of the Northwest and the Port's facilities to both domestic and global groups.

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