Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation Grant applications open until end of March

The annual call by the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation for funding opportunities is now accepting applications from those living on the North Coast.

The Foundation a fixture in the community for over ten years now, awards annual grants to registered, non-profit projects in the area  that is made up of the North Coast Regional District.

The 2018 application process is now underway with the details on how to participate available online.

The deadline for community applicants is  Friday March 31st, with the Foundation seeking submissions that address the following areas:

Relief of poverty 
Educational needs 
Social welfare and health issues 
Programs for aged 
Programs for the disabled 
Preservation and protection of environment 
Advancement of the arts 
Prevention of delinquency
Prevention of substance abuse

The way the Community Foundation approaches its grant funding is to provide money towards the acquisition or repair of fixed or tangible assets, funding is not designed to be delivered towards ongoing programs or general operating expenses.

An example of the form of funding that has been provided in the past can be found here, while the 2018 Grant application form can be found here.

The successful grant applicants will be announced during the Foundation's Annual General Meeting.

Since its creation the Prince Rupert Community Foundation has delivered funding for a number of community initiatives. With close to 54,000 dollars in funding provided in recent years, any non profit organization or project is encouraged to submit an application for this years funding opportunities.

To help fund programs for the future, the community can also become involved with the organization by making a tax deductible gift of any amount, any donations can be forwarded to the Foundation at Box 66, Prince Rupert BC, V8J 3P4

If you wish to discuss themes related to either fund opportunity or on other notes about what the foundation has to offer, you can contact them at prfoundation@citytel.net

You can learn more about the work of the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation here.

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