Monday, March 26, 2018

Yet another empty space appears along Third Avenue corridor, with departure of Andhielhang's Pinoy store

One More empty store front for the City's downtown core

The first few months have been pretty tough ones for the local commercial sector, with a number of stores and services announcing their pending closure since the start of January.

And a walk through the downtown core over the weekend gave us cause to take note of one more empty storefront that has suddenly appeared, with the Third Avenue location for Andhielhang's Pinoy store now sitting empty.

The Filipino Specialty store which opened one year ago, offered a range of products popular with the Filipino community. It's opening offered an opportunity for those living in Prince Rupert, as well as those of Filipino descent aboard visiting  cargo vessels that call on the Port, to get a sample of the homeland fare of the Philippines.

After one year in business Andhielhang's Pinoy Store
closed its doors earlier this month 

The Facebook page for the store provides some background to the fate of the venture, with the notice of closure posted in late February.

The vacancy in the Three Hundred block of Third West is just the latest to appear along the once bustling shopping promenade in the city.

Up and down Third, from the Nisga'a Hall to the Credit Union, the visual evidence of the hard times for the community's commercial sector can be traced through the empty and boarded up windows and Going out of business signs that continue to appear with some regularity.

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