Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Port Edward Harbour Authority to receive federal money for abandoned vessel program

Fairview Floats, one of the small harbours that are operated
by the Port Edward Harbour Authority

The Port Edward Harbour Authority which oversees small vessel facilities in Prince Rupert and Port Edward is on the list of federal funding announced Monday, with the North Coast authority one of a number found in British Columbia to share in over 1.3 million dollars in funding nationwide.

The Abandoned Boats program funding was announced as part of the trip to the West Coast by Minister of Transport Marc Garneau, it comes as part of the Federal Government's Oceans Protection Plan.

Minister Garneau noted that the Abandoned Boats program is just one part of a range of programs that the Federal Government has in mind as part of their Oceans Protections initiatives.

"Abandoned boats are not just an eyesore; they are a safety concern and a financial burden to communities. The Oceans Protection Plan's Abandoned Boats Program – one of many initiatives launched to improve the issue of abandoned boats in Canada – is providing crucial financial support to communities, like those of British Columbia. Our government is also pursuing other measures to reduce the number of problem vessels that pose hazards in Canadian waters, and support the preservation and restoration of marine ecosystems."

The funding provided as part of the Program will see $113,600 directed towards the Port Edward Harbour Authority which has six boats on a project list for removal.

The Port Edward work is the largest of removal projects listed for that component of the overall funding.

You can review the full list here which outlines the projects for 2017-18 across Canada.

More background on the program can be reviewed here

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