Thursday, March 15, 2018

Renovations at Museum of Northern British Columbia provide for new community meeting space

Some recent work around the region's showpiece Museum of Northern British Columbia has seen the creation of what could be one of the more impressive meeting spaces for local residents that there is to offer.

The work which has recently been completed saw the Museum knock around a few walls and reconfigure three spaces into one large gathering spot in the Chatham Building, with the new meeting space to be known as the Tsimshian Room.

The renovations, which took place thanks to funding support from Prince Rupert Grain, Ridley Terminals and ArtsVestBC provide the community with gathering spot blends in with the unique architecture of the Long house home for the popular museum and regional attraction.

The new event space has room for 100 seated and standing room for 180, it will make for what is described as the perfect backdrop for events, workshops and meetings.

Whether you're a community user, or a group of visitors hosting a community event, the new space does offer some impressive looking visuals and a handy location right in the downtown area.

If you want more information about booking opportunities for the Tsimshian Room you can contact Ceilidh Marlow, the Director of Development at the Museum of Northern British Columbia.

Call 1-778-361-0440 or reach them by e mail at

You can learn more about the exhibits and events planned at the museum from their website and Facebook page.

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