Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cow Bay Marina Fish Market plan now under study by Ecotrust's North Coast Innovation lab

The Cow Bay Marina may one day be home for a local Fish marked
as the North Coast Innovation Lab follows up on the long sought after
community attraction proposed by Councillor Cunningham

A quest by Councillor Barry Cunningham to see a fish market set up at the city owned Cow Bay Floats has generated some community interest in recent weeks, with the North Coast Innovation Lab now taking the concept and working on a proposal that could see the initiative come to life at some point on the city's waterfront.

The topic came up again at Monday's Prince Rupert City Council meeting, with Councillor Cunningham inquiring if there had been any progress made on the suggestion he has been bringing to Council for over a year now.

Mayor Lee Brain stepped in to provide the update for City Staff, highlighting some recent work by the local Ecotrust office in the city, which through the North Coast Innovation lab is reviewing the concept.

His observations to the theme can be reviewed from the City's Video Archive, starting at the thirty eight minute mark.

In a correspondence with the North Coast Review, Nathan Randall from Ecotrust, outlined the status of their work on the topic to this point, noting that the Fish market concept was one item that emerged from their recent community consultation and presentation held last week at Northwest Community College.

From that interest, the North Coast Innovation Lab will be pursuing more extensive planning and developing a feasibility study for the fish market concept in the near future.

The North Coast Innovation Lab will also be sharing more details in the weeks to come about the Fish Market proposal and other community building projects that have started to gain some traction for the organization.

Further items of note about Ecotrust can be reviewed from their website.

You can find out more about their work at the local level from their offices in the Capitol Mall, you can also contact them by phone at 250-624-4191.

You can review some of the past notes from Councillor Cunningham below.

January 2018 -- Changes ahead for usage rates at Cow Bay Marina
June 2017 -- Councillor Cunningham floats Cow Bay Fish Sale proposal

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