Wednesday, March 21, 2018

MLA Rice to host Coffee Chat In Prince Rupert Thursday

With MLA's now on their spring break and heading back to their home constituencies, many are taking advantage of the three week break to meet with residents and explore concerns or issues of interest at the home office.

For North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, her first public engagement opportunity of the break arrives tomorrow, when the MLA hosts a Coffee chat at Third Avenue's Javadotcup from 1 until 3 PM.

The invitation issued through her Facebook page indicates that the coffee cups to this point will number at 8, with the prospect of some 21 others showing an interest in possibly dropping by to hear what updates the MLA may have to offer.

Javadotcup is located in the 500 block of Third Avenue West, across from the Capitol Mall, one half block to the west of City Hall.

You can catch up with some of the work of Ms. Rice in the Legislature over the recent session through our MLA's week archive feature here, while other notes related to Legislature work can be found on our Legislature archive page.

A wider overview of political notes from Victoria can be found on our D'Arcy McGee blog.

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