Thursday, March 15, 2018

What are you putting into the sewer system? The City has a few guideline to consider

A video tutorial from the City of Prince Rupert relays some of the
guidelines when it comes to household waste

The City of Prince Rupert wants to talk to us about our waste disposal procedures, or more to the point, what we are flushing down our toilets or running through our sinks.

In a fairly lengthy tutorial the City outlined a range of issues that the public works department is facing when it comes to what we are apparently doing behind that closed bathroom door ... or pouring down our drains.

The City's notes, which are available from the City Website provide for a Do Not Dispose list which covers a range of items that are making their way into sanitary sewer system, while the list of items that can be flushed down your toilet or run through your drain is significantly shorter.

The main focus for the City is to keep the sanitary sewer system operating at its top level and towards that goal offered up this background note.

Sanitary sewers are connected to your sinks, dishwasher, washing machine, showers, tubs, floor drains and toilets. Residential sanitary sewer lines join at your property line to the City’s system. The municipal sewer functions by using pumping systems, which are difficult and costly to maintain. 

 When sewer lines become clogged, it can cause back-ups of sewage in the sanitary system, and potentially in residences. It is critical to maintain clear sanitary and sewer lines for public health and safety and to prevent significant damage to City infrastructure, and potentially to your home.

The City has also posted a helpful video tutorial to seek the cooperation of residents when it comes to Flushing and Rinsing.

Perhaps catching our attention with the prospect of some of that material coming back home, through a backed up sewer line on our property.

You can review the full overview from the City of Prince Rupert here.

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