Monday, April 16, 2018

3.5 magnitude quake rattles Sitka, Alaska

Sitka Alaska was the centre point for a light earthquake on Sunday evening

A light seismic shift occurred just before 11 PM on Sunday off the coast of Sitka, Alaska some 367 miles to the Northwest of Prince Rupert.

The 3.5 magnitude quake was recorded by the USGS as a shallow quake,134 km to the south of Sitka, with few other details released related to it. 

The low level of the quake meant that it was not noticed in North Coast Communities.

The USGS notes on the Sitka event can be reviewed here.

There does not appear to have been any Tsunami alerts or warnings issued from the event.

The area along the Alaskan panhandle has been somewhat more active over the last few days, with a number of similar sized earth movements recorded in the Yukon Territory near the BC border.

The area is also still finding a number of small quakes in the area of the major seismic event of January near Kodiak Alaska.

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