Thursday, April 26, 2018

Crestview Drive concerns to be turned over to City Operations for review

Trailers, boats and a narrow road at Crestview were on the mind of
Councillor Barry Cunningham on Monday

Councillor Barry Cunningham relayed some concerns related to parking from residents of the Crestview Drive area, speaking to the topic towards the end of Monday's Prince Rupert City Council session.

As part of his comments for Council on the theme, the Councillor recounted some observations from his tour of the neighbourhood. Noting how the segments of the road along the circle atop the hill on the east side of the city are somewhat narrow.

Observing how with boats, trailers and other vehicles parked along the route, along with bus service to the area,  the travel area is somewhat limited.

Mr. Cunningham suggested that the City may wish to consider turning the road into a one way to help alleviate some of the community concerns.

In answer to the Councillors comments, Council decided to turn the matter over to the Operations department for further review.

City Council has asked the Operations Department to explore some
issues related to  Crestview Drive on the east side

(Google Maps)

We took the NCR cruiser up on a tour of the roadway to see what was up and while we didn't find a great number of trailers or boats on the road, the street does appear to be a little narrower than some of the other boulevards of the community, with some areas a tad congested owing to parked vehicles.

Though considering the state of the road in some areas, residents might also want to inquire with the Councillor about setting up a paving appointment for the road as well.

You can review the discussion from the tail end of Monday's council session below, it starts at the thirty five minute mark.

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