Saturday, April 14, 2018

Equipment failure to blame for isolated power outages in Prince Rupert overnight

It wasn't the massive blackout of the windstorm on Tuesday, but for some residents of Prince Rupert, this morning arrived with a need to reset many of the household appliances around the homestead.

An overnight power outage lasting two and a half hours sent pockets of the city into the dark, though the pattern of power failure would leave one street powered up, while one block over, darkness was the theme from 1:36 to 4:16 AM

Depending on the circuit that they were attached to, residents inside the box
above awoke to find that their power had gone out overnight

According to the BC Hydro outages page, the areas affected were all on the east side of the city, with equipment failure listed as the reason for the outage, which affected homes and businesses south or Overlook, West of Immanuel, North of Prince Rupert boulevard and East of George Hills Way.

In all, there were 162 homes or businesses affected by the overnight outage.

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