Monday, April 30, 2018

High School Track season in full flight with weekend meet at CHSS

The Charles Hays Sports Field is quiet today, but on Saturday
it was the centre of track and field in the Northwest as CHSS
hosted a weekend track and field meet 

The weather was just right for those taking to the track at Charles Hays Secondary on Saturday, as the Prince Rupert Boulevard facility played host to three teams from the Northwest with a full slate of events both on the track at CHSS , while Prince Rupert Middle School handled the infield events on the day.

Arriving in town for the day were Caledonia, Centennial Christian and Skeena Middle School

Charles Hays had strong results in many of the categories with a glimpse of the day's action below:


Girls 100 Metre Dash 

Ann Do, (2), Alana Rysstad (5) Sarah Pham (6)

Girls 200 Metre Dash 

Ann Do (3)

Girls 80 Metre Hurdles 

Alana Rysstad (3) Sarah Pham (6)

Girls 300 Metre Hurdles 

Alana Rysstad (1)

Girls 4 x 100 Meter Relay 

Charles Hays Secondary (1)

Girls Long Jump 

Alana Rysstad (2)

Girls Shot Put 3.0K

Kaia Jackson (1) Evelyn Johnson-Clark (3)

Girls Discuss Throw 1.0 K

Kaia Jackson (1) Sarah Pham (2)

Girls Javelin Throw 500g 

Sarah Pham (1)  Kaia Jackson (2)



Girls 100 Metre Dash

Jessica, Nguyen (1)

Girls 200 Metre Dash

Jessica Nguyen (1)

Girls 100 Metre Hurdles

Jessica Nguyen (1)

Girls Long Jump

Jessica Nguyen (1)



Boys 100 Metre Dash

Dakota Knockwood (1)  Brandon Mah (2) Ethan Hunter (5)

Boys 200 Metre Dash

Dakota Knockwood (1) Brandon Mah, (2) Ethan Hunter (5)

Boys 400 Metre Run

Ethan Hunter (2)

Boys 1500 Metre Run

Daylyn Moraes (1)

Boys High Jump 

Dakota Knockwood (1)  Ethan Hunter (3)

Boys  Long Jump

Dakota Longwood (1) Ethan Hunter (2)



100 Metre Dash

Cody Schaeffer (1) Eric Lees (2)

200 Metre Dash 

Cody Schaeffer (1) Seji Sahdra (2)

400 Metre Run

Cody Schaeffer (1) Andrew Lowther (2)

800 Metre Run

Christian Clifton (1)

Boys 110 Metre Hurdles

Cody Schaeffer (1) Andrew Lowther (2)

Boys 400 Metre Hurdles

Andrew Lowther (1)

Boys 400 Metre Relay

Charles Hays Secondary (1)

Boys Long Jump

Eric Lees (1)  Cody Schaeffer (2) Andrew Lowther (4)

Boys Triple Jump

Cody Schaeffer (1)


The total points taken from the day's events pushed Charles Hays to the Top of the Points Table on the day, providing for a First Place Finish overall from the combined scores of all participants.

The placements were as follows.

Charles Hays
Skeena Middle
Centennial Christian

The next meet comes up on May 12th in Smithers, the Northwest Zones will be held at CHSS this year with two days of track and field events set for May 17 and 18.

Charles Hays also had teams on the road this weekend, with the Rugby teams both Junior and Senior in Williams Lake with the Juniors finding success twice on the field.

CHSS Rugby was in Williams Lake last week, 
(Photo from CHSS Twitter feed)

The Charles Hays Girls soccer squad was in Terrace for a Play Day on Saturday.

You can follow more on events from CHSS from their twitter feed here.

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