Sunday, April 29, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending April 29, 2018

How the Mayor and City Council see the future for Prince Rupert made for a ninety minute presentation at the Lester Centre on Wednesday night, with our review of the night's findings making for our most read item of the week.

Post Secondary education also became a theme this week, with a pair of items related to Northwest Community college making for widely read items, with both the approval of a name change to Coast Mountain College and some interest in a language program from City Council finding much interest among readers.

Two industrial themes made news this week, the first a report from the Federal Auditor Generals office into Ridley Terminals raised a few concerns and attracted a large audience, while an update on the pace of developments for an LPG Terminal at Ridley  from the Alberta energy company AltaGas was also well received by readers.

The start of a trial at the Prince Rupert Court House related to a police/pedestrian incident from last year also found a large readership this week.

The top story however, brings us back to Wednesday night, and Mayor Lee Brain's Hays 2.0 update for the community.

The Mayor's Hays 2.0 Update ... There's a Bit of Woe, Some blame to Show and a dream to Sew ... BUT mostly we need some money to Flow! -- A view as to the plan that the Mayor and his Council plan to Prince Rupert on was the focus of a ninety minute presentation at the Lester Centre on Wednesday evening. The Hays 2.0 update made for the final act for a week of Reports for Prince Rupert residents to consider. Earlier in the week the City's Small Business Committee delivered a report that echoed many of City Councils concerns, while a report from the North Coast Innovation Lab to chart the course forward for their work, also followed a number of themes from Council's discussions in recent years   (posted April 27, 2018)

That article was followed by:

Time for a Farewell to NWCC, as Province approves name change to Coast Mountain College  -- After a process that has covered over two years, Northwest Community College has been given permission to change their name to Coast Mountain College, with the change set to take place in mid June. The college found itself the focus of some discussion at Prince Rupert City Council this week, with Council members set to write a letter related to English language instruction concerns. However, as we noted later in the week, the issue that the Council members are concerned about, isn't actually related to the College.    (posted April 23, 2018)

Ridley Terminals gets mixed reviews from Auditor General report on governance and oversight  -- An extensive review of operations at Prince Rupert's Ridley Terminals found a Federal Audit raising a number of red flags and concerns about discrepancies and adherence to proper procedures on corporate governance, with Transport Canada also getting a few raps on the knuckles for their oversight on the terminal. (posted April 26, 2018)

Alta Gas on track with LPG Terminal construction, secures 75 percent of supply for export capacity   -- The delivery of a first quarter report from the Alberta based energy company AltaGas also provided some key notes of interest about their plans for Prince Rupert, With AltaGas making note of their success in secure export capacity, as well as to provide an update on their timeline towards a terminal opening      (posted April 26 , 2018)

First court appearance for Prince Rupert RCMP member on driving charges from 2017 incident  --  This week saw the first court date related to a Police vehicle/pedestrian incident from last year, as the court file related to a member of the Prince Rupert RCMP detachment began its travel through the judicial process.   (posted April 25, 2018 )

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