Thursday, April 26, 2018

MLA Rice pays tribute to work of Red Cross with Legislature statement

A tribute to the work of the Red Cross made for a talking point in
in the British Columbia Legislature on Wednesday

The work of the Red Cross received a much deserved shout out in the Legislature this week as North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, in her role as the Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness provided a thumbnail sketch of the many ways that the organization makes a difference in the province.

Speaking in the Legislature on Wednesday afternoon, Ms Rice provided for a bit of a focus on their work during last years Fire emergencies across British Columbia and offered up some cautionary words related to this spring and the potential concerns of a snow pack melt and flood risk.

As part of her statement, the North Coast MLA took note of how the Red Cross is a valued partner of the province and has been a key element to providing comfort and care for those that have been impacted by disasters.

You can learn more about the work of the Red Cross, how you can volunteer and how you can donate money towards their work from the organization's website

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