Thursday, April 19, 2018

City of Prince Rupert and Northern Health join forces to share information on Home source lead concerns in drinking water

The subject of our tap water is making for the topic of an information campaign just launched by the City of Prince Rupert and Northern Health as both look to provide as much background as possible when it comes to the pipes that carry our drinking water to our homes.

A household flyer is currently being delivered to homes across the city, providing some notes on how the City's water system works and the steps the city takes to test and treat the water supply for the community.

As well, Northern Health offers up some guidance on the potential risks, how we can find out if we're affected and what to do if you do find lead issues in your home water supply.

The City of Prince Rupert and Northern Health have launched
an information campaign on the city's drinking water. Delivering
a short overview for residents through the mail this week

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As they share their information on water issues with the community, Northern Health is also seeking a little guidance on their own watery supply at their facilities in Prince Rupert.

As we outlined on the blog last month, the Health Authority has put in motion plans to conduct a thorough study of the water quality that is found at the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, Acropolis Manor and Summit Residences.

The request for proposals process for the project came to an end on April 5th, Northern Health has not as of yet outlined if they have selected a supplier to conduct the work in Prince Rupert.

The City of Prince Rupert has provided a link to the Northern Health website for those with further questions about the nature of the testing and sampling of the water supply

As well you can contact the City at 250-627-0976 should you have need of more information.

Northern Health can also provide some helpful guidance on the topic you can contact them by email at

For more items of note related to the City's infrastructure work see our archive page here, while Council Discussion themes are reviewed here.

Notes of interest from Northern Health can be found from our regional archive page here.

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