Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Plan seemingly underway to try to save what is left of Downtown Cherry trees

Bilingual signs affixed to the tress near the DFO offices
indicate that there are efforts being considered to try to
save what is left of the once majestic trees of the Federal offices

The stand of trunks that would have been blooming Cherry Blossom Trees this month is getting a bit of attention after the rather extreme trimming of last month, an event which left the community quite shocked at the landscaping moves of the Federal Government, the property owner of the land where the trees stood over six decades.

Over the last week or so signs  have been attached to each trunk indicating that there is some form of a plan in motion to try and save what is left of the stand of trees lining the sidewalk along the west side of the DFO building at Fourth/Fulton and 2nd Avenue West

All that is left of the stand of Cherry Blossom trees on the west
side of the DFO offices in Prince Rupert

The fact that the signs are in both French and English would seem to suggest that this is a Public Services and Procurement Canada project, though there's not much in the way of information to outline how exactly the plan to save the trees might work.

The flow of information related to any kind of rescue plan for what is left of the trees has slowed significantly since the destruction of the trees took off through Social Media in the community in late March.

At the time of the cutting of the trees Mayor Brain took to his Facebook page  with an extensive update for the community on what the City knew and what it wanted to learn more about when it come to the landscaping work of the Federal government.

Since March 26th however, the topic hasn't made for much in the way of follow up through Social media or any other official form of information at the City, leaving the four stumps of the trees to serve as a very visible reminder of the incident.

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