Wednesday, April 11, 2018

City of Prince Rupert puts 2018 Paving Project plans out for bid

Is your street on the list for some new blacktop?
The City of Prince Rupert has put out a list of eleven
areas for bid for some road rehabilitation this year

Motorists making their travels along the city's roadway system will be relieved to know that paving is indeed on the mind of the City of Prince Rupert this spring, with a request for proposals now in place on the Bid BC website.

The City placed its bid request on the provincial inventory site on April 6th and will be receiving quotations for the work until  2 PM on April 20th. 

The successful contractor will be required to provide for milling and filling for the eleven areas, as well as for any and all traffic control requirements for the project.

The City of Prince Rupert has put out some of its 2018 Paving plans for tender
with eleven projects located across the city part of the bid package at Bid BC
(Google Maps -- click to enlarge)

The distribution for the paving ahead finds six projects on the east side of town, four on the west and one to address paving requirements at the intersection of McBride and 5th Avenue.

The list of where the work will take place can be reviewed below:

The list of streets that make for the RFP for the City's paving contract
for 2018, the project is listed on the BC Bid site

(click to enlarge)

Some of Prince Rupert's roughest road surfaces are in line for
some new blacktop this year as part of a Request for Bids

A full review of the Bid package including maps for each section of the city to be included in the bids can be explored through the Bid BC website listed under Document 9404

For more items of interest related to the city's infrastructure plans see our archive page here.

Further notes on Council Discussion topics can be reviewed on our Council Discussion page.

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