Friday, April 20, 2018

Planning a road trip this weekend? Your fuel options are more, more more and more ...

Up, Up to Infinity ... Gas prices jumped  dramatically
through the day today for Prince Rupert motorists

Bet you wished you had topped up your tank on Thursday night (we know we do ... ) because Friday delivered some nasty surprises for motorists around Prince Rupert.

It was another shock at the pumps for North Coast residents on Friday as the price of gas took to the stratosphere, rising dramatically from just last night.

As the day moved along, the price point at the pump would fluctuate somewhat from a pair of stations at one point at a high of 143.9 a litre, though that high level can still be found as you make the rounds.

Below the snapshot from high to low as of 3 PM on Friday afternoon.

Petro Canada at Hays Cove tops the price point for Friday at 143.9 /L

Both Chevron and Esso at 7-11 had settled at 139.9 by mid afternoon

Petro Canada at the industrial park so far is offering the lowest price
at the pump holding to 136.9 through the afternoon

You can track the rise, rise, rise and hopefully at some point fall of gas prices, through the Gas Buddy website which tracks the price of gas.

The latest update from their reports finds Prince George and Vernon the two BC communities where prices have yet to skyrocket, with a range from 115.9 to 119.4 thanks to what appears to be a bit of a gas war in the two communities.

Vancouver appears to be the municipality with the largest sticker shock for those filling up averaging around 148.9 per litre for the low end

And while we may all be hoping for a reversal, the increasing prices at the pump may be with us for the foreseeable future, that as a growing list of factors serves to contribute to the uncertainty ahead for travellers.

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