Sunday, April 22, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending April 22, 2018

A pair of industrial stories dominated our list of five on the week, with a large volume of readers exploring our stories on WCC LNG and their latest update for Prince Rupert, as well the news of a new export contract for Pinnacle Renewable Energy also proved to be a popular read through the week.

A pair of our stories related to a tragic fire on the city's west side also resonated with readers, with the most read of the two focused on the Prince Rupert RCMP update which confirmed the sad news of a death from Monday's fire.

Education notes also found an interested audience this week, with the most viewed of the three articles we delivered this week outlining some of the highlights of the recent SD52 Board Meeting

And Housing issues once again found a wide audience, with  many readers checking into our notes on the new Housing Hub initiative from BC Housing, as well as Friday's long awaited announcement that the Province will start construction this summer on the thirty six supportive housing units that were promised last fall for Prince Rupert.

The top story however, brings us back to the LNG files and an update from WCC LNG.

While proposed LNG terminal project takes a slower pace, WCC LNG is still keeping tabs on North Coast  -- The proposed LNG terminal for Tuck inlet may be on a back burner at the moment, but Exxon-Mobil sill has an eye on the Prince Rupert area, and judging by the response to our article of this week, residents of the region are still interested in any developments on the LNG theme. With a large number also reviewing our article on Petronas and its continued interest in LNG prospects in British Columbia. (posted April 18, 2018)

That article was followed by:

New Pinnacle contract to deliver wood pellets adds to Japanese footprint for company -- Our item providing some background on the latest news from the Pinnacle Renewable Energy company proved to be a popular read through the week     (posted April 19, 2018)

RCMP update on Sloan Avenue fire confirms the tragic loss of life from Monday afternoon  -- Our follow up report on a house fire on the city's west side found a large audience this week, with the RCMP providing the sad news of a death related to the Monday incident. Our original notes on Monday's fire can be found here.     (posted April 17, 2018)

Budget decisions dominate SD52's April Board meeting review -- SD52 outlined the results of their final decisions on their financial plan for the year ahead, as well as to outline the plan for repairs to the Prince Rupert Middle School.  The School District was also in the news with word that Superintendent Ken Minette will be leaving the community this summer, as well the PRDTU continues to express concerns when it comes to the School District's Transportation policy.     (posted April 17 , 2018)

Housing Hub plans make for the focus for North Coast MLA Rice  -- Housing issues made for book ends for news out of Victoria this week, with MLA Rice highlighting some of the elements to the new Housing Hub initiative with BC Housing on Monday. By Friday, the focus would shift to the announcement that the province, City and North Coast Transition House Society have a summer starting date in mind for the 36 units of Supportive Housing that are coming to the community, with construction planned for a lot on Park Avenue, adjacent to the existing Transition House facility. (posted April 16, 2018 )

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