Thursday, April 19, 2018

Transition Prince Rupert updates path to Park opening at McKay Street

There's still  a bit more housekeeping to be done around the
McKay Street Park. Which means that the new playground will
remain closed while volunteers take care of the to do list at the west side park

Playtime will have to be deferred just a bit longer for the youngsters of the Kootenay/Mckay Street area.  With the latest update on the status of the park outlining how there a few lingering things to take care of yet.

With some housekeeping tasks on the to do list before the volunteers working on the McKay Street park will be pulling down the fencing and turning over the west side neighbourhood park to those that live in the area.

As we noted on the blog on Tuesday, the fence was still up this week and Warnings to keep out still posted, despite the bulk of the work on the park having been completed on the weekend of April 7 and 8.

Yesterday, the City of Prince Rupert provided an update to the situation, advising that owing to the windstorm of last week, a final inspection had yet to take place at the playground.

Transition Prince Rupert also provided some additional notes on the project on Wednesday, taking to their Facebook page to outline some of the background to the delays for the park opening.

From their notes we learn that there is still some work to be done on the embankments around the playground, as well as some work to to rectify a tripping hazard that is there.

Further updates on the timeline towards opening have been promised By Transition Prince Rupert as the work at the park moves along.

You can follow those notes through their social media feed here.

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