Wednesday, April 18, 2018

While proposed LNG terminal project takes a slower pace, WCC LNG is still keeping tabs on North Coast

While WCC LNG is taking a long term approach to any development
of their Tuck Inlet LNG proposal, the Exxon led company is keeping
the communication lines open to the North Coast
(illustration of proposed terminal courtesy of WCC LNG website)

The local storefront office may have closed but the Exxon-Mobil-Imperial WCC LNG project is still keeping its finger on developments around the North Coast, that as they keep their pre-application process for the proposed Tuck Inlet terminal moving forward on a gradual pace.

The international oil company however is still sharing information related to its project, providing for an updated newsletter for residents to read over, a document which reviews much of WCC LNG's work of last year and some of the community initiatives that they participated in during their stay in the city.

The latest information update also includes a couple of community engagement projects for local residents to participate in.

The first is WCC LNG"s ongoing work at compiling an Indigenous business inventory, with the company looking for participation from Tsimshian business operators, those with an interest in the project can participate in the access survey  here.

As well, North Coast residents can also take part in their current poll, which asks if there is a particular project related topic that residents would like to learn more about.

You can review the options and vote in that poll here.

WCC LNG has also made a number of plans to attend regional and provincial conventions to provide background on their project and touch base with community officials.

Most recently they attended the NABOC conference in Prince Rupert, with plans to also attend the NCLGA AGM and Convention in May, as well as the UBCM convention in September.

You can review their Spring 2018 newsletter here.

Some background notes on their proposed development can be examined here.

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