Friday, April 13, 2018

Your Friday Fuel up will offer many pricing options

Fill up while you can! Heading into the weekend your best value at
the pump in Prince Rupert is found at the Hays Cove Petro Canada

As we head into the weekend, a tour of the city's four gas station provided an interesting look at the current state of the gasoline pricing structure around Prince Rupert. And if you're looking to head out of town, a little comparison shopping is worth your trouble today.

From the Highest, to the Lowest price in town is a sixteen cent a litre difference as you travel from downtown to points on the east side of the City.

From our tour of the city as of 2PM, the latest price point posted to the signs of the city's gas stations shows a per litre price as follows:

Chevron Downtown                     135.9
Petro Canada Industrial Park      127.9
Esso 7-11 Downtown                   124.9
Petro Canada Hays Cove              119.9 

Such is the rather startling appearance of 119.9 per litre from the Hays Cove station that it even made into to the Top Ten Lowest priced stations in BC for the day.

The Gas Buddy Portal puts the range of pricing into focus for the province below, providing the most recent data that those that contribute to the site have listed from their Prince Rupert comparisons.

You can access the Gas Buddy site here, to keep up to date on the price at the pump through the weekend.

Prince Rupert's gas prices have been bouncing around different levels for much of the week.

More than a few observers of the gas and oil industry note prices in BC could be quite volatile through the summer for many reasons and particularly with the uncertainty related to the current dispute between British Columbia and Alberta over the fate of the TransMountain pipeline.

Those that may need a fill up over the weekend may be wise to do the tour before pulling in to fill up their tanks.

For more items related to the city's commercial sector see our archive page here, notes on highway travel across Northwestern BC can be reviewed on our Highway's archive page.


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