Friday, April 20, 2018

BC Hydro renews deal for Brown Lake Power supply

The Brown Lake Run of River electric project will continue to provide
energy for BC Hydro's needs 

A small run of river power project located near Prince Rupert will continue to feed into the BC Hydro grid, with the hydro company signing a 40 year electricity purchase with Innergex Renewable Energy that will see the Brown Lake Power facility continue to supply the province's electricity provider.

Innergex has been operating Brown Lake since 1996, the 7.2 MW facility is located south of Prince Rupert at the end of a channel south of Port Essington,  it generates 51,800 MWh annually for BC Hydro.

Innergex Pesident and CEO Michel Letellier observed how the deal will continue to assist BC Hydro in meeting its climate targets into the future.

“We are pleased with the agreement signed with BC Hydro, who continues to be a valued business partner to Innergex ... Innergex is proud to help the province continue to address the challenges presented by climate change. Increased reliance on emission-free renewable electricity is one of the best ways we can meet our climate targets.”

The announcement of the deal can be reviewed here.

The Brown Lake facility is one of a number of Independent Power Producers that BC Hydro makes use of as part of their overall supply system.

You can learn more about the Brown Lake facility from the Innergex website.

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