Thursday, April 12, 2018

Shift in Committee responsibilities for MLA Jennifer Rice, while MLA Ellis Ross returns to Legislative Initiatives Committee

Committee work is a key element of an MLA's work in Victoria
both North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice and Skeena MLA Ellis Ross
have duties with Standing committees this spring

(photo from BC Legislature social media)

Heading into the Spring session of the British Columbia Legislature, Committee work will be on the to do lists for both North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice and Skeena MLA Ellis Ross with both MLA's serving on Standing Committees.

For Ms. Rice it means a shift in responsibilities when it comes to her work with the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, a body which the North Coast MLA has now been made the convener of.

With work related to that Committee looming on the horizon, Ms. Rice has been moved off the roster of participants in the Select Standing Committee for Children and Youth. The North Coast MLA had been a participant in that committee for much of her time as a member of the House.

The committee work is among the many duties that MLA's take on in Victoria, in the case of the North Coast MLA the committee sessions are in addition to her role as Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness.

The official notice of her shift in the rotation of MLA's for the Committee was posted in the official record of the Legislature on Tuesday

So far Ms. Rice's new committee has not received its terms of reference from the Legislative Assembly and has not held a session as of year.

You can learn more about the work of that committee here.

For Ellis Ross, the Spring session also brings return to the work of the Standing Committee on Legislative Initiatives, which is exploring a range of issues related to how the Legislature works.

That nine member Committee last met in session in the summer of 2017.

You can review more of their make up and work from this information page on the Legislature website.

A snapshot of all the committees of the Legislatures and the MLA's who participate in them can be reviewed here.

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