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Archive of Northwest Notes on the Coastal GasLink dispute in the Wet'suwet'en

Archive of notes from media coverage across the Northwest

March 1 -- Coastal GasLink to resume construction activities Monday
March 1 -- Wet'suwet'en chiefs, ministers reach proposed agreement in pipeline dispute
March 1 -- Wet'suwet'en, BC, Canada reach proposed agreement over Rights and Title
March 1 -- Proposed agreement reached between Wet'suwet'en chiefs, gov't ministers after 3 days of talks
March 1 -- Wet'suwet'en supporters of pipeline don't think their message is being heard

February 29 -- Ministers optimistic as talks with Wet'suwet'en chiefs continue for third day
February 29 -- Talks between Hereditary Chiefs and senior government ministers enter third day
February 28 -- Wet'suwet'en Chiefs and Government Ministers continue on with talks (video)
February 28 -- Nisga'a Nation gives support to LNG development in BC
February 28 -- Talks with hereditary chiefs run into the night
February 28 -- Talks between Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs and government minister continue
February 28 -- Talks continue with senior government ministers and Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs
February 28 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross finds national attention as resource debate roils the Legislature NCR
February 27 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs meet with Government (video)
February 27 -- 'Very productive' says Bennett and Fraser about meeting with Hereditary Chiefs
February 27 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs to meet with Federal and Provincial Ministers
February 27 -- Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs meet with provincial, federal ministers
February 27 -- Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs optimistic ahead of talks
February 27 -- Coastal GasLink has agreed to pause construction
February 27 -- 'The project is proceeding': Horgan not backing down from support of Coastal GasLink
February 27 -- Coastal GasLink agrees to two-day pause of pipeline construction in Morice River area
February 27 -- RCMP cease patrols on Morice West Service Road
February 27 -- RCMP agree to suspend patrols in Wet'suwet'en territory during talks
February 27 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs invite Government to talks
February 27 -- Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs to meet today with federal and BC governments
February 27 -- Wet'suwet'en Chiefs/Government talks back on
February 27 -- Meeting between Wet'suwet'en and government back on
February 27 -- Nisga'a Nation adds its voice to the LNG debate with strong support for industry development  NCR
February 26 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chief says planned meetings with government fall through
February 26 -- Wet'suwet'en Chiefs/Government Talks Off
February 26 -- 51 health professionals send letter to Trudeau, Horgan panning Coastal GasLink
February 25 -- Wet'suwet'en Member upset with Protests wants Nation to sort out issues on their own (video)
February 25 -- Arrests made as Wet'suwet'en supporters re-establish rail and port blockades
February 25 -- LNG CEO releases letter regarding progress of the project
February 25 -- RCMP make arrests as blockade is dismantled in New Hazelton
February 25 -- 14 protesters arrested near New Hazelton after blockading CN Rail
February 25 -- 14 arrested at blocked rail line in northern BC, police say
February 25 -- Blockades Go Up and come down near New Hazelton
February 24 -- Gitxsan shut down Highway 16 after arrests at rail blockade near New Hazelton
February 21 -- Hereditary Chiefs will enter negotiations with Government after RCMP leave Wet'suwet'en territory (video)
February 21 -- Canadian Pacific calls on federal government to engage with Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs
February 21 -- Unpublished report outlines similar issues in RCMP response to Wet'suwet'en protests
February 21 -- RCMP provides clarification on offer to Hereditary Chiefs
February 20 -- MP Bachrach on Coastal GasLink Dispute (video)
February 20 -- 'We need to create the space for dialogue to occur': Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach on Coastal GasLink conflict (audio)
February 20 -- Wet'suwet'en Nation members explain why they're pro-pipeline at public meeting in Houston  (audio)
February 20 -- Federal minister pledges to meet Wet'suwet'en chiefs in Smithers over natural gas pipeline
February 20 -- Pipeline supporters rally in Houston, while MP urges dialogue in dispute
February 20 -- Blair says RCMP have met Wet'suwet'en conditions, calls for end to blockades
February 20 -- Wet'suwet'en pipeline supporters speak up
February 20 -- Skeena MLA Ross calls out past NDP comments and asks Government to condemn 'eco-colonialist actions of radical groups"  NCR
February 19 -- 'These groups are using us for their agenda to stop resource development': MLA and Haisla member Ellis Ross on his Twitter battles in support of the Coastal GasLink pipeline (audio)
February 19 -- We Stand with the Wet'suwet'en First Nation
February 19 -- Coastal GasLink supporters attend discussion in Houston
February 18 -- Chief says no meeting with governments until RCMP remove mobile unit from Wet'suwet'en territory
February 19 -- Bachrach rejects calls for police action against demonstrators
February 18 -- AFN Trudeau call for calm in dispute over Coastal GasLink
February 19 -- MP Taylor Bachrach uses Question Period to call for Prime Minister to travel to Wet'suwet'en territory to visit with hereditary chiefs  NCR
February 19 -- MP Bachrach joins in on Emergency Debate on Relations with Indigenous Peoples framed in the current Wet'suwet'en dispute  NCR
February 18 -- Former BC government treaty negotiators says he's not surprised by Coastal GasLink conflict (audio)
February 17 -- Wet'suwet'en and BC government have been talking Aboriginal title for a year
February 15 -- Wet'suwet'en return to camps near Houston, Coastal GasLink workers move through: First Nation
February 14 -- MLA Ellis Ross on prospects for talks in the Coastal GasLink dispute (video)
February 14 -- 'None of this is easy': BC's Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation on week of province-wide protests in support of Wet'suwet'en chiefs (audio)
February 14 -- CN blockade taken down as federal, provincial representatives agree to meet with hereditary chiefs
February 14 -- Freight set to roll again along CN Mainline as blockade lifted near Hazelton  NCR
February 13 -- Fraser hopeful meeting with Wet'suwet'en, Gitxsan may end rail blockade
February 12 -- Ministers and Chiefs meet to end rail blockades (video)
February 13 -- Coastal GasLink goes back to work at Houston site
February 13 -- 'If you respect Indigenous sovereignty, don't step in the middle of an Indigenous fight and pick a side}: Robert Jago  (audio)
February 13 -- Gitxsan man posts 2019 resignation from military after latest RCMP enforcement of pipeline order
February 13 -- Liberal leader Wilkinson points to past statements from Northwest NDP MLA's as working against the rule of law in British Columbia  NCR
February 13 -- Wet'suwet'en protest issued dominate first Question Period for Spring session, with Skeena MLA Ellis Ross seeking clarity on role of Nathan Cullen   NCR
February 12 -- "I have seen no evidence of protesters being paid': Sandy Garossino on the 'paid protester' narrative (audio)
February 12 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs challenging environmental assessment on pipeline project
February 12 -- Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce statement addresses evolving blockades in Northern BC  NCR 
February 12 -- BC NDP replay their greatest hits as part of Speech from the the Throne; as Premier responds to string of protests across the province NCR
February 11 -- Coastal GasLink resumes work while protest continues in Wet'suwet'en territory (video)
February 11 -- RCMP launch criminal investigation following damage to Lamprey Creek Bridge
February 11 -- RCMP finishes operations in support of injunction on forest service road
February 11 -- Port of PrinceRupert, Canada's third-largest, coming to a standstill as Coastal GasLink protests block rail traffic (audio)
February 11 -- 'There's two sides to this story: Wet'suwet'en member who supports Coastal GasLink pipeline speaks  (audio)
February 11 -- RCMP removes temporary exclusion zone
February 11 -- Thousands of jobs impacted by ongoing protests on CN Rail tracks
February 11 -- Several more arrested as RCMP clear blockade
February 11 -- Battle continues over Coastal GasLink project as both sides speak out
February 11 -- CN Rail obtains court order in quest to reopen rail lines at protest sites  NCR
February 11 -- MLA Rice finds a fence to straddle  NCR
February 11 -- Hazelton rail blockade impacting on Port of Prince Rupert operations  NCR
February 10 -- RCMP makes more arrests in Wet'suwet'en Territory (video)
February 10 -- CN Rail trains halted due to pipeline protests
February 10 -- Arrests in Wet'suwet'en territory, Vancouver as RCMP continue to enforce court injunction in support of Coastal GasLink pipeline (audio)
February 10 -- Individuals arrested during RCMP enforcement of injunction appear in Smithers court
February 10 -- 'Wet'suwet'en Strong' t-shirts defy apolitical stance of All Native Basketball tournament's opening ceremonies in Prince Rupert (audio)
February 10 -- RCMP makes more arrests in Wet'suwet'en territory (Video)
February 10 -- 'For me as a historian, what's happening in Wet'suwet'en territory doesn't seem like an anomaly ... It's part of a predictable pattern of problematic relationships that really does need to change": Sean Carleton (audio)
February 9 -- Smithers RCMP investigate stabbing death
February 8 -- Individuals arrested in RCMP exclusion zone near Houston freed
February 8 -- 11 arrested in day 3 of injunction enforcement against Wet'suwet'en
February 7 -- Four more arrests made on day 2 of exclusion zone
February 7 -- Six people arrested during enforcement of injunction
February 7 -- More Wet'suwet'en Camp arrests (video)
February 7 -- Press freedom challenges, more arrests expected in day two of RCMP enforcement of court injunction against Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs (audio)
February 7 -- Four arrested in Northern BC as RCMP continues to enforce pipeline court order
February 7 -- Four more arrests made on day 2 of exclusion zone
February 7 -- Press freedom challenges, more arrests expected in day two of RCMP enforcement of court injunction against Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs (audio)
February 7 -- New political program gains perspectives on range of themes from Skeena's MLA Ellis Ross  NCR
February 7 -- Skeena Bulkley Valley MP relays his sadness at current events in Wet'suwet'en territory  NCR
February 6 -- Hereditary chiefs say they will challenge Coastal GasLink's environmental certification
February 6 -- RCMP confirm six arrests made at exclusion zone
February 6 -- Six arrested as RCMP enforce court order on Wet'suwet'en anti-pipeline camps
February 6 -- Hereditary Chiefs say they will challenge Coastal Gas Link's environmental certification
February 6 -- RCMP make arrests enforcing CGL injunction (video)
February 6 -- Bachrach calls on Trudeau to meet with hereditary chiefs in CGL dispute
February 6 -- Wet'suwet'en members, supporters await further action by RCMP
February 6 -- Taylor Bachrach releases statement regarding the Wet'suwet'en situation
February 6 -- We'll never put a price tag on our land': hereditary chiefs say RCMP injunction enforcement imminent
February 6 -- Union of BC Indian Chiefs in outrage over Wet'suwet'en situation
February 6 -- Assembly of First Nations National Chief releases statement on Wet'suwet'en situation
February 6 -- Hereditary Chiefs say CGL asked BC to drop talks after making clear no access would be granted
February 6 -- RCMP creates exclusion zones at anti-pipeline camps
February 6 -- David Pfeiffer releases open letter regarding the pipeline dispute
February 6 -- RCMP set up exclusion zone as enforcement of injunction begins
February 6 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs remain committed to the Wiggus Development Process
February 6 -- As RCMP prepare for enforcement order in Wet'suwet'en; MP Bachrach calls for Prime Minister to hold talks  NCR
February 5 -- RCMP prepare to enforce Coastal GasLink injunction (video)
February 5 -- RCMP outline plan for 'peaceful' arrests as they prepare to enforce pipeline injunction
February 5 -- Coastal GasLink talks between Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs, province break down
February 5 -- RCMP provides update on policing efforts in relation to Coastal GasLink project
February 5 -- RCMP moving forward with enforcing injunction
February 5 -- Talks break down between the province and Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs
February 5 -- Coastal GasLink releases statement on future of pipeline project
February 4 -- Wiggus Table between Province and Wet'suwet'en fails to resolve pipeline dispute
February 4 -- Police say woman was detained, not arrested, following unapproved entry of police checkpoint
February 4 -- RCMP says Gidimt'en elder was detained not arrested
February 4 -- Two individuals turned away at RCMP checkpoint
February 3 -- Gidimt'en publicly condemns arrest of elder at RCMP checkpoint
February 2 -- Gidimt'en clan condemning RCMP action after elder arrested at checkpoint


January 31 -- "I think it's an easy way out": hereditary chief feels feds should be involved in talks
January 31 -- Premier won't attend talks with Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs (video)
January 31 -- RCMP confirm deployment in Bulkley Valley for enforcement of Coastal GasLink injunction
January 31 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs agree to meet with the Province regarding CGL dispute
January 31 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs agree to talks
January 30 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs file complaint against RCMP checkpoint
January 30 -- Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs agree to sit down with Province at 'Wiggus' table
January 30 -- Wet'suwet'en Chiefs agree to talks (video)
January 30 -- RCMP pipeline checkpoint 'arbitrary and discriminatory' say BC complainants
January 30 -- From 'crisis' to opportunity: Canadian pipeline executive optimistic about industry's future after key court rulings (audio)
January 29 -- Wet'suwet'en construct additional lodge ahead of police roadblock at 27 kilometre
January 29 -- BC Liberal Party leader Andrew Wilkinson says he will not meet Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs; accuses NDP of giving pipeline opponents a 'kiss and a hug' (audio)
January 27 -- Former Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen appointed provincial liaison
January 27 -- Coastal GasLink provides update on construction and ongoing dispute with Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs
January 27 -- Coastal GasLink says dispute not yet affecting Pipeline Completion Timeline (video)
January 27 -- Nathan Cullen appointed provincial liaison with Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs
January 27 -- Taylor Bachrach to call for more active Federal role in Wet'suwet'en dispute  NCR
January 27 -- Nathan Cullen tapped to be British Columbia liaison with Wet'suwet'en Chiefs  NCR
January 24 -- Academics and lawyers sign letter urging Provincial and Federal governments to act in pipeline dispute
January 23 -- Interim BC Green leader visits Wet'suwet'en Territory
January 23 -- Green Party of Canada calling on Feds to dismantle RCMP detachment on Wet'suwet'en territory
January 23 -- Unis'tote'en Camp says RCMP have changed 27 kilometre roadblock rules
January 23 -- Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation and hereditary chiefs agree to future meeting
January 22 -- We've created a really deep division: BC Green Party leader says Coastal GasLink standoff is symptom of bigger problems  (audio)
January 21 -- Unist'ot'en Healing Centre requests EAO to withhold CGL final permits
January 21 -- Unistot'en requesting Environmental Assessment Office withhold CGL construction permits
January 21 -- First Nations LNG Alliance pens letter criticizing BC Human Rights Commissioner over pipeline comments
January 20 -- CGL sends follow-up letter to Hereditary Chiefs
January 18 -- BC Green Party leader visits Wet'suwet'en camps at heart of pipeline conflict
January 18 -- Calls for dialogue as Coastal GasLink pipeline polarizes some in northern BC
January 17 -- The Gitxsan Hereditary chiefs have extended support to the Wet'suwet'en
January 17 -- BC Green Party interim leader to visit Wet'suwet'en camps
January 17 -- Coastal GasLink repeats desire for meeting with hereditary chiefs
January 16 -- Complaints filed against RCMP following two Gidimt'en members being turned away at police checkpoint
January 16 -- Premier on northern BC tour, but Wet'suwet'en meeting not on agenda
January 15 -- Miscommunication led to three people turned away at pipeline checkpoint: RCMP
January 15 -- Hereditary Chiefs call for UN intervention in CGL dispute
January 15 -- RCMP say 'miscommunication' to blame for exclusion of Wet'suwet'en supporters at checkpoint
January 15 -- Bachrach hopeful peaceful solution to dispute between hereditary chiefs and Coastal GasLink possible
January 15 -- Concern spikes over RCMP no access checkpoint on Morice West Forest Service Road
January 15 -- Green Party voices support for Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs' eviction of CGL from territory
January 14 -- Coastal GasLink makes new request to meet with First Nation pipeline opponents
January 14 -- Wet'suwet'en responds to RCMP checkpoint, calls for UN intervention
January 14 -- RCMP set up checkpoint on Morice River Service Road
January 14 -- Coastal GasLink president issues letter to Wet'suwet'en over pipeline dispute
January 14 -- Legal complaints launched over RCMP checkpoint into Wet'suwet'en territory
January 14 -- Premier states Coastal GasLink pipeline will be built; Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs call for UN intervention  NCR
January 13 -- RCMP create access control checkpoint on Morice West Forest Service Road
January 13 -- Horgan says 'rule of law applies' Coastal GasLink will proceed despite protests
January 13 -- RCMP establish checkpoint at Morice West Forest Service Road
January 13 -- Horgan says Coastal GasLink pipeline to proceed
January 12 -- Wet'suwet'en grant temporary access to Coastal GasLink to winterize site
January 12 -- BC human rights commissioner asks Canadian government to halt Coastal GasLink
January 10 -- Amidst First Nations' concerns, Coastal GasLink remains positive
January 10 -- Hereditary chiefs say 'we never will' support Coastal GasLink pipeline
January 10 -- MP Taylor Bachrach calls for dialogue and empathy in Wet'suwet'en pipeline dispute  NCR
January 9 -- What the Wet'suwet'en case says about how Canadian courts address Indigenous law
January 9 -- RCMP launches investigation into felled trees on Morice West Forest Service Road
January 9 -- RCMP says jugs of accelerant, partly-cut trees found along Morice West Forest Service Road
January 9 -- "It tears families apart:' Haisla chief councillor Crystal Smith on ongoing conflict around Coastal GasLink pipeline (audio)
January 8 -- RCMP launch criminal probe after blockades of trees, tires found in Wet'suwet'en territory
January 7 -- Coastal GasLink says it could delay work through Wet'suwet'en territory
January 7 -- Wet'suwet'en call for jurisdiction and governance to be upheld
January 7 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs provides update on Eviction notice to Coastal GasLink
January 6 -- Coastal GasLink posts 72 hour notice to clear way in northern BC
January 6 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs evict Coastal GasLink
January 5 -- Wet'suwet'en issue eviction notice to Coastal GasLink
January 3 -- Wet'suwet'en expect more police action related to Coastal GasLink pipeline

For Provincial and Federal notes on the dispute see our Victoria Viewpoint archive and our Ottawa Observations archive from our political blog D'Arcy McGee

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