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Blog Watching: Week ending September 25, 2022

The 'citizens initiative' that has delivered a petition calling for the Province to 'Scrap the Tax Cap" continued to make for some of the narrative for the week's news, most of that thanks to the daily rebroadcast of the proponents work by the city's Mayor Lee Brain.

Our look at one of his social media relays, noting the launch of some excerpts from a report accessed through a Freedom of Information request, generated the most reviews this week from our readers. 

Close behind that entry, was our profile of Les Palmer the Prince Rupert resident and former Coast Guard member who had the honour of participation  as part of the Canadian delegation to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Some actual City council news managed to make it into the news flow this week, with council settling if for over half of their Tuesday Council session to take on the challenges of property variances.

As the 2022 Cruise Season winds down, this week brought a huge day for the local industry, with two large vessels calling on Northland Terminal on Friday, making for the busiest cruise ship day in a number of years for the city.

And the 2022 Civic Election campaign finally started to percolate a bit, with the Prince Rupert Labour Council and the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce both announcing Civic Election forums over the next few weeks.

The top item however continued to explore themes of the Scrap the Tax petition, and some of the latest message making for the proponents.

Mayor Brain cites "FOI and Truth",  as latest petition push notes of past study from province --  This past week found the Scrap the Tax proponents making use of some select quotes from a study into Port Tax issues from 2019, with Mayor Lee Brain sharing the quotes that were released widely with his Facebook followers on a daily basis. Worth mentioning from the week however, is the fact that the full report has still to be released for a full review from the public.   (posted  September 21 , 2022)

That article was followed by: 

Prince Rupert's Les Palmer to be part of Queen's funeral procession on Monday -- There was well deserved Prince Rupert connection to the Monday funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, with Les Palmer, the decorated former Coast Guard member part of a Canadian delegation of honour for the funeral.   (posted September 18, 2022)
Bonfire of the Variances -- Council's August deferral on decision brings 35 minute review of Second Avenue West Variances issues -- City Council's only Public session for September became mired in what has been a challenging agenda item of late, that of attention to variance requests for properties under construction or renovation, a topic that has been a controversial one for the council members for most of the year.   (posted  September 22, 2022)

A potential 4500 visitors could come ashore Friday as Fall port calls bring cruise season closer to an end --  Our preview of Friday's double dose of cruise visitation attracted a large audience. The two vessel call sets the table for a final few weeks to wind down the 2022 season.  (posted September 22, 2022) .

North Coast Labour Council endorses two candidates in civic election, announces plans for All-Candidates Forum October 4 -- The 2022 Civic election narrative is having a bit of a challenge to break through all the noise of the Scrap the Tax petition, but the Prince Rupert Labour Council tried to return it to the news cycle this week, announcing its endorsements for City Council and the Mayoralty, as well as to set a date for a Labour sponsored forum in October. At the end of the week the Prince Rupert Chamber also announced plans for its own election forum, selecting September 26 at the Lester Centre for their campaign event. You can review all the latest notes from the election trail from our archive page.     ( posted September 20 , 2022)

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