Tuesday, September 27, 2022

City of Prince Rupert provides update on progress for the Connect Rupert Transportation Plan

City staff have provided an update on one of the many initiatives currently making progress through the Rupert Talks portal, with a Friday note related to the ongoing work on the Connect Rupert Transportation Plan.

The initiative is one that is being developed jointly with Urban Systems Limited and is now in the process of shifting to the Looking forward phase of its timeline.

The latest advisory makes note of three reports now available for review of the public:

Project Backgrounder, Best Practice Review and Engagement Round 1 summary

The Engagement Round took place at the Crest Hotel and the findings from that session explored a range of themes with participants.

The project has also featured some Pop Up engagement opportunities where Improvements towards Transit, Active Transportation and concerns related to Driving on the city's streets were relayed.

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The Report can be reviewed in full here.

You can review the latest information to date on the theme from the Rupert Talks page here.

The focus on Transportation planning began in May of 2021 and funding for the project came in to the city earlier this summer.

July 25 2022 -- Path forward towards Master Transportation Planning gains federal funding
July 28 2021 -- Interim Parking Strategy a Bride towards Master Transportation Plan
May 12 2021 -- City Council to review request for Grant application towards development of Integrated Transportation Plan for Prince Rupert

More notes on Council initiatives can be explored through our Council Discussion page.

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