Monday, September 26, 2022

Some Birthday wishes get more of a bounce than others ...


Today marks a big day for Charles Hays Rainmaker Liam McChesney, who celebrates his 20th birthday today and while it's no doubt of some important note for his immediate family and friends in Prince Rupert, the day is also getting some pretty wide traction around the NCAA, that thanks to his current team at Illinois State.

As they do for all members of the Redbirds Basketball program, the team has celebrated the event with their fanbase as part of their information campaign today, which should help increase the volume of Birthday wishes for the rest of the day.

As they offer up their Happy Birthday's fans can also explore his biography page, which features an extensive write up about his time with Rainmaker Program back home.

The Redbirds are less than two months away from he launch of the 2022-23 NCAA Basketball season as they look to navigate a fall and winter schedule that will deliver them to March Madness in 2023.

The preseason training period will see the team in action at the end of October with exhibition games to take them to American Thanksgiving in November and a three day tournament called the Cayman Islands Classic.

McChesney and his team mates kick the NCAA season into high gear starting in December, with a steady pace of action to take them to their  Conference finals in early March, where their March Madness ambitions will loom large.

Check back in October as we launch our annual archive of where some of our Prince Rupert athletes have landed for 2022-23.

Last year's archive is available for review here.

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