Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Rezoning process for site of RCMP detachment starts tonight for City Council

The recently cleared lot at McBride and Third Avenue West
will start the process of rezoning tonight to allow for the new 
RCMP detachment

The site's been cleared, the drawings are in the works and tonight City Council will take care of some zoning issues related to the new location for the City's RCMP detachment at McBride and Third Avenue West.

In a report for Council tonight, City planner Myfannwy Pope will trace some of the history of the land in question from its time as a House of Worship for the Jehovah Witnesses and previous to that zoned as C5 for Marine Commercial uses, which does not allow for Institutional purposes.

A zoning change is required for the property that the city plans to
build the new RCMP detachment in Prince Rupert on

As part of the report for Council, City staff are also recommending that Council waive the requirement for a public hearing on the zoning change owing to the past consultation process for the project.

As the development of this detachment is obligatory under the Municipal Police Agreement, 2012, and the fact that the public have previously had various opportunities to provide comment on the development, staff are recommending that council waive the requirement for a Public Hearing. Additionally, staff have already undertaken public consultation steps related to the rezoning through online engagement and letters.

Council will be asked to rezone the property to P1: Public Facilities Zone, which will allow for the development of the RCMP detachment.

The City purchased the property from the Jehovah Witness Congregation back in October of 2022, Demolition of the old Jehovah Witness Hall took place in July of this year.

You can review some of the past notes on the RCMP detachment planning from our Major Projects Archive page.

More notes on this evening's City Council session can be reviewed here.

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  1. I don't recall any disclosure to the public prior to the deal being close on the land swap.
    Who was the past consultation with it wasn't the taxpayers.
    Are the current councilors running for transparency on the upcoming election?