Thursday, September 22, 2022

McBride Street work now awaits break in weather for paving work

Hopes for the reopening of the two currently closed travel
lanes for McBride now rest on the weather and a break in the rain

The race against the oncoming fall weather clock has the weather winning at the moment, particularly when it comes to bringing the work on the long running McBride Street project to a conclusion.

Tuesday night's City Council session had Councillor Randhawa seeking an update on the project that is closing in on the four month mark in early October.  

The project one which has expanded from the early days of a watermain break in early June.

Operations Director Richard Pucci speaking at Council on Tuesday

In a short update on the work, the City's Director of Operations Richard Pucci outlined the hopeful plans ahead towards the start of the paving of the travel lanes which have been closed since the spring.

"We are at sidewalk stage right now and we are prepping the base for pavement, we are coming into some bad weather though in the next few days. So, we can't pave in that type of weather so we will have to wait until it dries out before we can pave. But we will hopefully in the next week or so have all of the sidewalks done and then we'll just be ready for paving and as soon as the window opens up, we can pave"   -- City of Prince Rupert Operations Director Richard Pucci

The update for Council can be viewed from the City's Video Archive starting at the one hour seven minute mark.

More notes on Tuesday's Council Session can be reviewed through our Council Timeline feature.

A wider overview of notes from the city's operations department can be reviewed here.

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