Friday, September 16, 2022

Prince Rupert Resolution on Housing gains support from UBCM, but with slight changes to wording

The City of Prince Rupert delegation to the UBCM convention has had success during the Resolutions portion of this weeks municipal gathering, with the members voting to endorse the Housing related initiative, but with some slight tinkering of the wording.

The resolution was put forward by Prince Rupert as part of the pre-convention work which we previewed in August,  with the City looking to encourage Safe and Affordable housing by way of creating a tax exemption for all income derived from the rental of secondary suites

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And while the general theme was embraced, the path to success for Prince Rupert came with some rewording of a few of the key elements, most likely to gain support from some municipalities that weren't quite onboard with the scope of the tax exemption proposal from the North Coast.

When they were finished changing the terminology the concept of all income derived from rentals was downgraded to just income derived from the long-term rental of secondary suites.

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Prince Rupert's Resolution was one of 206 accepted for consideration at this years convention, now that it has been endorsed it will be forwarded to the Provincial and Federal governments for response.

City Council members did not discuss their resolution and how they would see it introduced locally as part of any public sessions prior to the UBCM event,.

However the Council will have a chance next week to celebrate their success and explain how the change in wording may impact on their original intent. That when they return to Prince Rupert City Hall for the Tuesday Council session, the only one scheduled for September.  

As well the City's elected officials could offer up some highlights as to how the resolution may help the local housing situation.

The council meeting was re-scheduled to Tuesday earlier this week, that owing to the National Day of Mourning for Queen Elizabeth II on Monday..

As we outlined in August, the Northwest had provided for a list of 20 resolutions for consideration at the 2022 Convention.

The decisions that have been announced from the first two session can be reviewed below:



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