Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Council to consider support for extension to Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission project application timeline with BC EAO

The proposed route of Gas pipeline project proposed by 
Alberta based Enbridge with a
terminus in Prince Rupert at Ridley Island

(image from City of PR Agenda Package for tonight)

The Alberta energy company Enbridge is currently in the process of seeking a five year extension towards their plans for the Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission project and as part of their engagement with the BC Environmental office, they are seeking the support from municipal government's along the project route.

As we outlined back in July, Enbridge had provided some additional background on the projectwhich would see a Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal developed at Ridley Island.

In documentation for City councillors to review prior to this evening's session, Enbridge outlines some of the circumstances that have brought delays to their project and why they require the five year extension from the government agency.

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You can follow any updates on the Westcoast Gas Transmission Proposal through our archive page here.

You can review the full presentation from Enbridge, as well as a proposed response from the Mayor as part of the information package from tonight's Council Agenda starting on page 45.

More notes on this evening's Council Session can be explored from our Preview here.

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