Sunday, September 18, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending September 18, 2022

The 'citizens initiative' that has delivered a petition calling for the Province to 'Scrap the Tax Cap" once again made for some of the narrative for the week's news.

On Monday, we took a look at how the Prince Rupert Port Authority has viewed the roll out of information from the Scrap the Tax proponents, a story which was followed by a few others by Friday that followed up on the push from the petition advocates.

The Board of Education also gained some attention from readers this week, with a large volume of blog followers exploring our notes on the release of the Names of Candidates in the October election.

The marine link between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan will remain in place past October, with the Alaska Marine Highway Service announcing that it will continue to serve Prince Rupert through the winter with one sailing per month.

Parents and Guardians of children with Autism seemingly found some items of interest from our story on an online workshop that was taking place this week.

And what is becoming a fast paced construction site down by the Civic Centre caught our eye this week, our early photo of the security fencing up around the new Jehovah Witness location at 9th Ave West and McBride now a historical note, with much more activity taking place on site this week.

The top item however explored themes of the Scrap the Tax petition, an initiative that is now shaping a theme for discussion for the municipal election campaign.

Prince Rupert Port Authority notes background of Port Tax Caps and revenues delivered to City of Prince Rupert as part of petition response -- With the introduction of the #ScraptheTax petition on September 9th, the NCR made an effort to contact the Port for their view of some of the themes of the initiative. As the week evolved, the topic of the petition would make for more than a few social media messages this week through the Mayor's and other council members online portals. A review of the flow of some of the discussion can be explored from our archive of notes on Civic Financial themes.     (posted  September 12, 2022)

That article was followed by: 

SD52 Board of Education contest is set, with returning incumbents and challengers heading to the campaign trail   -- While notes on Board of Education issues is sometimes find to hard across the media platforms of the region, our look at who is in the race for the October 15th election to the Board found a large audience.   posted September 12, 2022)
AMHS Schedule release keeps Prince Rupert port call active through winter season -- Some positive news for the Prince Rupert tourism and commercial sector, with the Alaska Marine Highway System making a change to what appeared their earlier plans to suspend service into the winter. The schedule release of this week instead now features a monthly sailing between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan.       (posted  September  15, 2022)

Online Forum on Autism Assessments coming this Saturday -- Our story of earlier this week alerting parents and guardians of an online resource for those that are involved in Autism assessment process found a large audience.  (posted September 13 , 2022) .

Signs of progress towards new Jehovah Witness Hall adjacent to Civic Centre -- At the start of the week, we offered up a 'heads up' on some upcoming construction work at the new site for the Prince Rupert Jehovah Witness Hall.  And a drive past the Civic Centre parking lot by Friday would have provided a pretty good indication of the pace the project is taking on.   ( posted September 12 , 2022)

And while the news did not crack our list of Five, the preparations for Canada's National Day of Mourning did make for some of the news narrative for the end of the week.

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