Monday, September 12, 2022

SD52 Board of Education contest is set, with returning incumbents and challengers heading to the campaign trail

Electors will have a choice of seven names for six positions on the Prince Rupert School Board when they cast their ballot in this 2022 Municipal and Board of Education election period.

The final list of candidates was announced Friday afternoon and among the seven are four hopefuls looking for a return to office and three candidates looking to take a place at the Board of Education office.

Earlier this year, both Bart Kuntz and Tina Last announced that they would not be running for re-election, so that will leave James Horne, Kristy Maier, Louisa Sanchez and Kate Toye to look to carry on their work of the previous four years.

Joining them on the campaign trail to seek a place at the table will be Danielle Dalton, Michael Pucci and Stephanie Watkins.

In total, nine nomination packages were handed out prior to the Friday deadline, which would suggest that two would be candidates have chosen to sit out this year Board elections.

Janet Beil would appear to be the only candidate that has indicated interest in contesting the election for Area 2, the rural seat for SD52.

There's a full range of topics could shape the election period ahead. 

Among some the potential themes for discussion, the ongoing challenges the the School District has found in deficits over the last few yew years, improving on academic performance, labour relations and the still unfinished work of delivering on the long promised Middle School in the community.

The election period offers a chance for parents and guardians to review the work of the previous board, something that hasn't gained a lot of interest or reporting in the community. 

With those who take the time to vote gaining an opportunity to voice their opinion in how they view the direction the Board had taken the District over the last four years.

Notes as the campaign moves along can be explored through our archive page here.

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