Monday, January 14, 2013

5.5 aftershock along the Southeast Alaska coast

More rumblings from the same location as the January 5th, 7.5 Southeast Alaska quake.

The latest temblor arriving at just before 7 AM (BC Time) this morning a 5.5 aftershock that once again was felt in many areas of the coast (though reports from Prince Rupert suggest it took place with little note here). The quake was registered with the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, but no Watch, Warning or Advisory was issued from the event.

The latest earthquake was located in Dixon Entrance, 99 km West, Southwest of Craig, Alaska about 268 kilometres to the North West of Prince Rupert.

It will be added to the list of aftershocks that have rattled along the coast since the January 5th quake, a reminder of the active nature of the fault line running up and down the North Pacific coast.

You can review our items on the recent seismic rumbles both the aftershocks, the main event and some of the other coverage of them.

Further aftershocks:

January 14-- 6:56 PM (BC Time) 3.8

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